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Everything you see others have success in isn’t meant to be for you. So often, we go after what seems to be the next hot thing, what will make us the most money the fastest. I’ve been guilty of this without question. But when God has a purpose for your life, no plans or ideas that you have will work in your favor. If it’s not in His plans for you, don’t be surprised when He strikes that right on out. We have to pray for purpose. When folks hear the word purpose, they assume that it can only be defined by doing things on a LARGER scale. But more often than not, His purpose for us is meant to reach the “little” people…the ones who seem to be trampled over or lost in the struggle to “be.” These are the people who need YOU and your purpose the MOST! Pray! Believe! And watch our Father do a two step in your life like 💃 “Understand there’s a plan with your patience!” (Kirk Franklin, First Love)



Rihanna on CD vs. Rihanna live


delete this



baby steps to learning to love yourself :

- look in the mirror everyday and say “wow i’m super cute”

- drink lots of h20 

- wear whatever you’d like and don’t let anyone stop you

- ignore the scale

- eat lots of strawberries

- spend time with nature

- do things that make YOU feel good

- you got this

- i believe in you

- you’re worth it

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